Every building is unique in its roof design, configurations and equipment needs. JP Obelisk,Inc. has a wide variety of different roof anchors. They are all based on three basic types:

  • Roof Deck Anchor
  • Wall Anchor
  • Structural Steel Anchor


Installation depends on roof structural capabilities. In order to withstand 5000 lb pull-out, the ultimate anchor design (load in any direction) or on-site test upon installation of 2500 lb anchors are installed using different methods:

  • Adhesive Bolts - Concrete
  • Bolt Around Steel Beam (pic.#1)
  • Welded to the Steel Beam
  • Around OWSJ
  • Bolt Through - Concrete Curb or Roof Deck (pic.#2)
  • Cast in Place
  • Bolted to Structural Steel (pic.#3)
  • Pier Anchor (pic.#4)